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NFPA High Pressure
                                HP Series Product Facts
                                   Hydraulic Model manufactured to NFPA standards
                                   3000 PSI Working Pressure
                                   Hard chrome plated tube .0003/.0005 thick on I.D.
                                   Provides corrosion resistance
                                   Improves wear characteristics
                                                  Value Added Options such as:
                       Hydraulic Polypak type seals
                                    Piston wear bands
                                    Rod wear bands 
                                    Rod Cartridge Drain Back System
                                                  Product info sheet links
                      HP Dimensional Charts
                            Product Catalogs (23 MB)


                                                                   LH Series Product Facts

  • Hydraulic Model manufactured to NFPA standards
  • Up to 1500 PSI Working Pressure, Up to 2500 PSI Pressure Rated
  • Thicker wall tube than traditional low-pressure cylinders
  • Preloaded urethane blend poly seal

Value Added Options such as:

  • Hydraulic Polypak type seals
  • Piston wear bands
  • Rod wear bands
  • Rod Cartridge Drain Back System


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