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New Portable Hydraulic Power Units

Email: sales@hydrodesignservice.com


Hydro Design Service Inc. is excited to announce that we will now be carrying several new portable hydraulic power units for sale or rent.


The two options specifications are:

1) 14 hp gas engine, 5 GPM to 2800 PSI

2) 14 hp gas engine, 8 GPM to 2000 PSI

Both have: 10 gallon reservoir, directional valve, filters and gauge. Weighs 250 lbs.



Call or email Hal for rental rates


Oil Filter Carts

 E-mail: sales@hydrodesignservice.com


Hydro Design Service Inc. will now also be carrying oil filter carts for sale or rent.


These are used to pump oil out of machinery. We have several different kinds that may fit your individual needs. They are on carts so easily portable.


For Sale: $2,000

Rent: $125 per day plus the cost of the filters you use


Call or email Hal to buy or rent


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